Top 5 Dog Breeds Best for Apartment Living

Everyone should have a dog. They are fun, cuddly, smart, and a great companion at home. All dogs love to run around and be a typical dog. This is why people who live in big spaces tend to have more than one dog. But what if you are living in a small space like a condo unit or an apartment? There is no need to worry because there are a lot of dogs that are also suitable for small-space living. It may take some time for you to decide which fur baby you will get. But once you’ve done your research, you will soon be able to get your furry pet running your small home

Below is a list of the top 5 dog breeds best for apartment living. 

1- Bichon Frise – If you are looking for a pet to love in your small home, a Bichon Frise is one of the best dog breeds you can have. They are small, and they will not grow more than a foot high. Although they are small, they can still be trained and can protect your home when you’re not around. They are loving, cuddly, and very playful. They have white fluffy curly fur that makes you want to cuddle them the entire day! One thing about this kind of dog breed is that they are very clingy. They want attention as if they are the star in the room. This is also the reason why they don’t want to be alone most of the time. And whenever you come back after a long day at work, they will greet you with all the love they can give.

2- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most popular breeds of toy dogs. They are small and loves to get cuddles and belly rubs all the time. And they are very famous for being very athletic. They love to be outside and play with their owners. This kind of dog is perfect for athletic people. For the people who like to go out for a jog or walk, this is the perfect toy dog to accompany you. They are energetic and love to do a lot of physical activities. Their energy is also balanced with their chill vibes at home. They are perfect old-people dogs because they keep them accompanied and guide them whenever they want to go out for a short walk. 

3- English Bulldog – Bulldogs, are the perfect apartment pets for those people who are continually chilling at home. They are low-maintenance, inactive, short, and still can give you all the love you need from your pet. They have short legs and walk a bit slower than the other dogs. Bulldogs are the perfect companion for those people who have a less active lifestyle. They like to stay at home and do almost nothing. If you plan to take them outside, expect that they will not last long. You will end up carrying them or dragging them to get from point A to point B. But they do have a high-pitched bark whenever they sense something that is not right. 

4- Dachshunds – Dachshunds are those small sausage dogs that people love. They have long bodies, short legs, and floppy ears. They are active and love to play around. Also, they are small and sits perfectly on our lap and get a belly rub. They are also an excellent dog for those people who are starting a family. Because they are very friendly and very playful with kids, if you want to stay at home and hang around, they will most likely do the same. But if you plan to do something active, they will be more than happy to join you and run around wherever you go. One of the things that a lot of people like about dachshunds is that they are very loyal to their owners. They make sure that their home is well-guarded and keep everyone safe. 

5- Greyhounds – If you think small dogs are the only kind of dogs that are perfect for small-space living, you are wrong. Because greyhound dogs are also the ideal apartment dogs, and they are known for their tall feature. A greyhound breed is a special breed for racing. They are fast and have a very flexible spine, which is why they are used in racing. But even though they are taller than most apartment dogs, they are very calm and peaceful, which suits an apartment lifestyle. A lot of people adopt or buy retired greyhound racers. Because they are given a chance to sit down and relax and have a family to love and take care of them, they don’t need a lot of space in your small apartment because they often stay in one place and sleep. One thing about this kind of breed is that they sleep at almost 18hrs a day. Even if they sleep most of the day, they still do love to go out for a quiet walk. 

Before you choose your dog, be sure to asses yourself what kind of lifestyle do you have because a dog should match the lifestyle of their owners so that they will also be able to do the things that suit them. Some dogs are small and yet very active. And some dogs are big and very chill. You will also need to consider training your dog. Because like babies, dogs also need assistance so that they will know what to do in your house. If you are looking for a fur baby to accompany you in your new apartment, the list above is just a few of the many dog breeds to consider. But if you want to narrow down your choices, the top 5 dog breeds are already listed for you. Be sure to choose the one that makes both of you feel the happiest pair on earth!