5 Smartest Cat Breeds

Arguably, cats are intelligent creatures, even when they appear to be standoffish. The smartest of their breeds have the most playful personalities. From striking up conversations to staying by your side, cats are reliable companions to brighten up your day. However, if they lack regular training, these ever-inquisitive felines tend to entertain themselves with play that’s more damaging. As such, you have to satisfy their curious mind with interaction and attention.
While cats enjoy a particular smart reputation, there are a few breeds that lead the clowder when it comes to intellect.

If you have plenty of room in your home for your furry feline to explore, this breed may be your ideal pet. With its wide almond-shaped eyes and large ears, the Abyssinian’s smart looks suit its incredibly interested nature. That said, finding this lean cat peeping about every corner of the house should not come as a surprise. Abyssinian cats boast impeccable memory and learning capacity that you can find them snooping in off-limits areas of your home, plus he’ll know where to locate hidden toys and even identify how to open doors! These sleek-looking cats are extra confident in themselves and carry with them an air of superiority.
They are brilliant because they are affectionate with their owners and look happiest when they are being stimulated mentally stimulated. Interestingly they are athletic, agile, and immensely in tune with the activities of their families. Did we mention that Abyssinians tend to enjoy the company of other animals?

Most vets and cat behaviorists acknowledge that Siamese cats are the best communicators among other breeds. This curious creature usually engages in conversations and loves hanging out with their owners. Due to their inquisitive nature, this ancient breed is getting into mischief.
Exploring every corner of the house is a habit to them. Expect them to follow you from room to room, even right up to a shower door. This chatty cat may respond better to training than other breeds, and many owners report that their Siamese cats can perform amazing tricks.
Considered as one of the world’s most popular cat breeds, the Siamese is easily recognized for its lovely coat, curious nature, and friendliness. This furry feline is also energetic and affectionate. They enjoy playing with themselves by turning on faucets if their owners don’t give them ample environmental enrichment.

Burmese cats possess a dog-like personality with their pleasure of human interaction and high levels of perception. These amiable cats are at their happiest when you shower them with attention- one of their ways to form a strong bond with their owners, so don’t be hesitant to give them all your attention when they ask for it. When you do, you’re guaranteed of a loving environment as they are a natural companion and loves to cuddle a lot. More so, Burmese cats interact well with kids and dogs, which can also be a sign of intelligence.
These cats are smart, adaptable, and energetic. When you have a Burmese cat in the house, expect him to continually follow you around all day, eagerly waiting to learn a new trick or play. They also thrive on socialization and enjoy the company of other animals. That said, if you live alone and come home from a long day at work, you know you’re in great company with your reliable Burmese cat. And when you host a house party, your guests will surely enjoy playing with him.

The friendly nature of Bengal cats can be a sign of intelligence. They love human interaction and often communicate to us with their chirpy meows. They explore their surroundings through jumping and climbing. It’s recognized for its beautiful marble-patterned coat and brown and orange coloring, this jaguar or leopard carbon copy is especially adventurous both indoors and outdoors. This smart breed originated from crossing a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. A bit wild, expect Bengals to adopt some slightly destructive habits such as turning light switches on and off and excitedly plucking CDs from your DVD player.
Many Bengal owners can attest to such unconventional behaviors. They also said that this highly intelligent breed enjoys being mentally challenged and playing puzzle games. Just a tip: Watch out for his skillful set of paws when he’s agitated, though.

Scottish Fold
Are you searching for a cat that loves to play? Scottish Fold may be the perfect pet cat for you. It is famous for the extraordinary shape of its ears; this breed is so smart that they mimic human facial expressions and mannerisms that include their peculiar tendency to sit in strange positions. Perhaps, that’s because Scottish Folds want to go well with humans, as they love human interaction and enjoy activities with them.
Scottish Fold cats are excited to learn tricks, and they will anticipate humans to play with them at length. They prefer toys that keep them spirited or puzzle toys that analyze their level of intelligence.
Because of their need to be accompanied by people, it’s not encouraged to leave them alone for an extended time. Expect them to demand a game or two out of you when you come home from work to appease their boredom. Well, it’s great to know that such a breed of cat will join you to watch your favorite TV series or movies. They pay a lot of attention to what’s on the screen.

Have you decided on which cat breed you will nurture? All of them are bright and promising. You have to match his level of intelligence and behavior with your personality. That way, you can create a happy environment for your future feline buddy. Just don’t forget to meet their needs and keep up, yes, keep up with their love for mental challenges. Who knows, they may dethrone you for being the king of puzzle games in your household. Of course, you are guaranteed of a fun journey with a loving pet cat of your choice.